We are excited to finally announce the arrival of the much anticipated boot-board package

Made in Heaven

Introducing the latest model of the “Reincarnation” kiteboard by Álvaro Onieva. This design offers unmatched performance incorporating the latest material technology on the market. The components have been carefully and precisely combined, while keeping to the formula of creating a board for everyone in order to produce the most balanced board in every respect:
a board “Made in Heaven”.


One of the most outstanding features is a suction-effect channel located along the base of the board that greatly improves upwind ability and pop while also softening landings. The end result is a very comfortable board to ride.

Supreme Flex

As in previous models, the board maintains balance and harmony between the flex desired by Freestyle and Freeride riders. Have you seen our video “Feeling Young”?

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Hollywood Core

One of its main advantages is that the very soul of the “Reincarnation” is carved from Paulownia hardwood, guaranteeing an excellent weight-durability balance with zero water absorption.

Diamond Ground

The latest model 2.1 incorporates a 0.96mm thick P-tex lining on the base of the board offering unrivalled durability, in addition to being an optimal grind-base material for riding obstacles. What’s more, the upper surface of the board benefits from the protection of an “anti-scratch” coating.

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Despite having devised a way to give riders the best product at the best price possible, we here at CLASH couldn´t help but feel that there was still something missing from our master plan. How could we sit idly by, pouring so much time and energy into producing superior water-sporting equipment while every day millions of people are lacking the basic human necessities – food, water, shelter, and safety – that a person needs to survive? We couldn´t. Therefore we initiated our partnership with Charity Water, creating a program of building a water pump project in a very affected village of Africa, bringing clean and decent water to over 250 people. Now we sleep better at night, and you will too knowing that your purchase is going towards improving the lives of the others.


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